Adam's exceptional rare breed livestock now form a major part of my portfolio's development. 
Some of these works were originally commissioned by Adam and my new work often finds me at The Cotswold Farm Park and on Bemborough Farm  where, with Adam's guidance as a stockman, I study the animals and observe their individual personalities and characters.
Limited Edition Prints ~ Adam's Livestock
Available in five different sizes.
Please select your chosen size and remember to send me an e-mail with your order informing me which print title/s you would like. If 
you would like an image printed a bespoke size just contact me.

Choose to pay above by credit/debit card or PayPal, prices include P&P.
You can pay direct by cheque made payable to 'Mark Coombe' or via BACS Transfer. 
For these payment methods just contact me.
Art work does not contain water mark shown.

'Adam's Highland Bull ~ Archie'
Limited Edition Print of 380
adam henson's livestock

Original painting sold

'Adam's White Parks ~ Oscar, Olivia & Oakley'
Limited Edition Print of 350

adam henson's livestock

Original watercolour pencil drawing sold

'Archie ~ first study'
Limited Edition Print of 250

adam henson's livestock

Also available as an original graphite pencil drawing

'Adam's Gloucester Cow'
Limited Edition Print of 250

Also available as an original pencil drawing 

'Adam's Cotswold Rams'
Limited Edition Print of 250

adam henson's livestock

Original drawing sold

'Adam's Gloucester All Spot Piglets'
Limited Edition Print of 250

adam henson's livestock

Also available as an 
original pencil drawing

 A selection of my work is now available at 
Adam Henson's 
Cotswold Farm Park.

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