Selecting/Taking your photograph

For the best results I will need a clear, crisp and close-up photograph from which to work.

The notes below are designed to advise you on the best way to select your chosen photograph for the commission whether you already have a selection of previous photographs and are making a decision or if you are taking photographs especially for this commission.

best practice

Your chosen photograph should be a head and shoulders shot where the subject occupies at least two thirds of the image. Consider where the light is coming from and how it hits the subject. Remember your photograph needs to capture the personality and character of the subject so your commissioned drawing can do the same. You might like to consider the subject of the portrait involved in an activity or gesturing in a manner that evokes a sense of their nature.

try to avoid

Camera shake, out of focus shots or moving subjects will not provide an image clear enough for your commission. Please do not use a flash as this flattens the detail of the portrait and produces glare. Try to prevent unwanted shadows cast over the subject by the camera or photographer and avoid taking photographs directly into the sun or light source.

digital photographs

These are by far the best option as you can e-mail the photo to me (or a chosen selection to discuss best choice), and I can closely examine and edit the image before commencing the commission. Photographs need to be e-mailed as a 'JPEG' file attachment. The bigger the file size the higher the resolution and clearer the image for me to work from.

printed photographs

You may already have a photograph printed that you feel reflects the best practice mentioned above. If so you may be able to take a digital photograph of this image (outside in direct sunlight is best), or scan it into a computer so it becomes a digital photograph. If not then don't worry just contact me so we can arrange for the photograph to be posted.

In either case I am more than happy to discuss your selection and choice of photograph with you via e-mail or phone at any time.

your chosen photograph

Once you have selected you chosen photograph (or short listed 2 or 3), you need to think about the size and price of your commission before you contact me.

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