I produce commissions using a photograph/s provided by the client.
Below you will find previous commission examples, advice on what makes a good photograph for me to draw from, terms & conditions as well as full details of sizes and prices.

I've then listed 3 simple steps to follow to make your commission run smoothly. 
To finish why not have your artwork carefully and lovingly framed, details below and on my framing page.

Step 1
Sending me your photograph/s

Before paying your deposit, or committing in anyway, you will need to send your chosen photograph to me so I can review the image, prepare a few photographic examples and send back to you so you can make an informed decision regarding a final composition.

This will give you an opportunity to reflect on what the final drawing might look like and the ability to ensure I make any changes and modifications to suit any specific requests you might have.

digital photographs

Please attach your photograph as a 'JPEG' file & e-mail me.

printed photographs

Please contact me so we can arrange to have your photograph posted.

Step 2
Paying the deposit

When you have made your final choice I will confirm the details of your commission with you. I normally suggest you allow 6 weeks production time as a guide but this can vary depending on the time of year. I will inform you of the time frame once you decide to go ahead with your commission. You can pay your deposit either through the website on my Sizes & Prices page or increasingly clients pay me direct via BACS. For my details just contact me.

Step 3
Settling the balance

As soon as your commission is completed I will contact you to request your postal address and ask you to settle the balance either via BACS or by returning to the Sizes & Prices web page to pay. P&P cost are also listed here.

If you prefer, you can also choose to pay by cheque made payable to 'Mark Coombe' or via BACS Transfer. For these payment methods contact me by phone or e-mail to obtain further details.

This may save some postage costs especially for multiple items purchased.

Once all monies have been received your artwork will then be dispatched without delay.

Get your commissioned drawing framed

To complete your unique artwork, have your commissioned drawing beautifully hand framed in either minimal white or elegant graphite frames. For full details of framing options just view my framing page. 
Any queries or questions and to order framed work just contact me.

any queries or requested for your commission just contact me ~ click here